How to Contact PA Unemployment Office

During the application time for jobless benefits, you may need to make contact with your local office quite a few times. This can be in response to a request for extra paperwork, as you have a simple question or because you have not been obtaining the promised benefits.

Watch this video which has vital information on contacting PA unemployment office –

What method of contact is better depends mostly on your reason for contacting it.

Unemployment compensation (UC) services are offered by telephone through local call centers and online. You may call the Unemployment compensation service center at 888-313-7284. A listing of local phone numbers, mailing addresses and fax numbers for the UC service centers is obtainable on the state map of services near you.

Select any county from the record and scroll down to: UC Benefit Services.

Be all set for long waits as lots of people attempt to do the same thing that you are. Remain patient and you will get through to someone who can assist you. Even if it’s annoying to wait so long, be polite to the person you get connected to and you will get a lot more assistance than if you are rude.

Whenever you call the PA unemployment phone number, ensure you have Social Security number, dates of employment and a paper to take down relevant notes.

UC Service Centers

In case you have filed an application for UC benefits within the last year, and have a specific question about your claim or your eligibility, call the UC service center.

Local and Toll-Free Service Center Phone Numbers:

UC Service Center Statewide Toll-Free Number 888-313-7284
TTY Services for Deaf andHard-of-Hearing Toll-Free 888-334-4046
Videophone Service for ASL Users-Wednesdays, noon-4 p.m. 717-704-8474
Allentown 610-821-6735
Altoona 814-941-6801
Duquesne 412-267-1315
Erie 814-871-4311
Indiana 724-599-1250
Lancaster 717-299-7711
Scranton 570-565-3048

Every UC service center is open from 8:a.m to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Mondays are usually a heavy call day. Individuals who wish to apply or claim UC benefits are encourages filing online or calling the UC service center later in the day and later in the week, preferably, when call volume is lighter.

In times of high call volume, a call back system may be in place. If you would like a return call, you must enter your Social Security number along with the telephone number where you can be reached. Calls are returned from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The UC service center telephone system uses line blocking or caller ID block.

Callers who have unidentified call rejection activated on their telephone must disable this service to get calls from the UC service center.

By making a choice on the area map, you can obtain a list of these offices and other services available in your area.

If you have not filed an application for UC benefits within the past year, and have common questions about UC or questions about your UC-1099G (Statement for Recipients of PA UC Payments) provided for income tax purposes, call 717-783-3140 to (TTY for deaf or hard of hearing at 800-577-7216) the service center Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Pennsylvania Teleclaims-PAT Directory

Pennsylvania Teleclaims, or PAT, is an automatic self-service system employed by persons with access to a touch-tone telephone to

  • file biweekly UC claims
  • access specific benefit payment information
  • learn about the commonwealth’s UC program, without the involvement of an agent.

These services are accessible on Sunday from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

PAT Local and Toll-Free Numbers:

PAT Toll-free 888-255-4728
PAT Toll-free TTY 800-778-4728
Español- PAT 877-888-8104
Allentown 610-821-6659
Altoona 814-941-6849
Duquesne 412-267-1494
Erie 814-878-5700
Indiana 724-599-1004
Lancaster 717-299-7560
ScrantonScranton TTY 570-562-4800570-562-4871
HarrisburgHarrisburg en Espanol 717-231-4055717-231-405

52 thoughts on “How to Contact PA Unemployment Office

  1. Gloria Hinkle

    I work for a school during the school year and I have a seasonal part-time job in the summer months. I recently fractured my ankle and can’t work right now. Would I be able to apply for unemployment?

  2. Debra Lynn Boucher

    I have not recieved any unemployment forms. When the forms were sent, there were 7 forms… Also, I need a letter for Welfare, stating how much I recieve weekly which is $117.00.

  3. jameson hecimovich

    I am getting my unemployment through minnsota and i need my hours transfered over from you guys i worked 7weaks in pa in feb,march in 2011

  4. Valarie

    If you know someone who was not truthful on their ap for unemployement and should not be getting money from the state due to fraud who do you report this to. If you retired on your own and you are getting your pension can you really say you lost your job when you requeted to leave and get your retirement. They are over 65 and not looking for work and have no plans to go back to work. The have social security 401 K and pensions. They left on their own. Applied for unemployment and got approved. They lied on ap

  5. Bryan Shollenberger

    I worked for an employer all my life and have collected unemployment for a few weeks throughout my life.
    For the past 2 years almost I have been selfemployed and now I may have to file unemployment again for a short time till I find other work.
    My question is can I still file and get benefiets without any issues since I have not had an employer for almost 2 years?

    Thank you, Bryan

  6. Kenneth M. Wells

    I Kenneth M. Wells will be unemployment as of june 8 2012 but I work in New Jersey but live in Easton, PA. I need information about filing for umemployment claim and unemployment location center in Easton,Pa . The 220 Ferry Street is close. Thank you much

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    I have not received a confirmation of my biweekly claim made on June 10, 2012. When I check on status, it shows only that my claim is under review. The last payment shown is May 29, 2012. I call the contact number and just get put on hold. I received a letter stating my claim was okay until 12-31-2012 and another stating I would be contacted to verify the process. I am still on hold since this morning. Can someone please help!!!!!

  9. Don Frank Hudson

    I have been calling the 888-313-7284 number for 3 days, more than 20 calls made and it is always busy. Is there another way to contact my benefits manager????

    1. Col

      with his monthly chkecs?and WHAT happens at the end of his check spending unemployment extensions for all but the 99ers?dc logic might help on this one .dr baron

  10. Bao Pham

    can I file for an unemployment or supplement for my status. My normal work week is 5 days. for couple months now, my work decrease down to 3 days then 1 days per week of the low demand. If I can qualify, where can I go to file?
    Hope to hear from you. Thank you for your help.

  11. Latonya Norman

    I have been trying to contact the uc for weeks. I’ve called the 888 so many times and the line has been busy. I don’t have any income and can’t get in touch with these ppl. I just don’t know what to do next. I haven’t received anything about payment and I applied over a month ago. I just don’t understand

    1. damon cole

      ever since tom corbett became governor unemployment been screwd up,he maid them layoff people my unemployment been messed up for months

  12. charles b fisher

    is there a unemployment office close to wheeling wv that i can go to , to file unemployment? i have worked in pa the last year and half and probably done for the year. can’t figure out on line , would like to go to the nearest pa office thank you

  13. cecili

    Hello i AM a unemployed and i AM calling from october 23 and i don’t. Have no information from your office i hope i can get something soon

  14. damon cole

    i need a unemployment lawyer does anybody have any ideas where to find one in allentown,they been taking out overpayments out of my checks for months now and there not telling me why i dont have no overpayments they tell me on the phone i dont have any overpayments but they keep taking my money im about to lose my house and they dont seem to care where do you turn

  15. Sharon Stanko

    I got my determination, but it is not correct all of wages have not been picked up my emp;oyer has more than one office and it is only showing what I made in one office I tried calling but I was not able to get through the line was busy all day. Could someone conyact me either by e-mail or phone 814-483-9165

  16. Brian

    I was getting benefits up until the end of October but wasn’t offered any extension of any kind and I was wondering why that was? I still haven’t found a job and my bills are piling up. Need help.

  17. Crystal C0lon

    I have a family member who has been trying to get the unemployment benefits that he is still eligible for cancelled now (still eligble for approx another month of benefits per his case file). He no longer wants to collect and needs Medical assistance but has been denied due to these benefits. He recently received a letter from his doctor showing he is now ineligible to work for one year due to his mental condition. Do we supply this letter to have the unemployement termed, so we can get a letter from unemployement finally shwoing benefits termed to show Medicaid and SSI because they say they need that. We can not get through to anyone on the phone (constant busy). HELP!!!

  18. Lisa Lady

    Need to know if my mother is receiving unemployement, her name is Cynthia Kelley, SS # 162-42-3239, she is in the hospital and trying to get her assists, my sister said she is receving unemployement. I need to verify this, if she is I will need a letter stating this and how much she receives a week. Please email with any questions, and I will get back to you.

    Lisa Lady
    Cynthia Kelley’s daughter

  19. Michael Raupach

    Hello, my name is Michael. I have been working for the same company for three years with a six month break while i had went somewhere else to work. I returned under a different position but becasue the boss had run into a problem I did a favor and returned to my original position. Now almost two years later I am still stuck in the same place and am treated wrongfully and the environment of the company is stressful. Plus there are other happening that I feel give me a good reason to quit, but I am afraid that I will not be able to find employment right away. Will I be able to obtain unemployment if I quit and can provide a good reason to quit. Basically, there are things my boss does that I am sure the unemployment office would love to know with another one of the employees i work with.

  20. Tim Hicks

    I got a call about needing information on my claim and to get ahold of her within 48 hrs, however she said her name is “Trina” and she gave me the toll free number but she didn’t give me her extension number to reach her directly. How would I go about finding this extension, I am not sure what to do and how to go about getting a hold of her. It was so busy today, maybe that meant that any worker can tell me the information they need but it was impossible to get through. Does anyone know of a worker extension list posted online? Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks, Timothy

  21. Charles Weaver

    I have been spending countless hours trying to speak with some one who is capable of answering more that one question. I filled for unemployment and becuase my job is too much for me to handle working up to 80plus hrs a week and up to 24hrs in one day. I thought I’d be able to handle it but now im stuck and was told to email the allentown unemployment office and headline ATTN: ABJ to tell them I want to added things to my reasoning for leaving my work. I been looking every where to find an email address and dont see anything and it takes almost 2hrs on hold to speak to someone with little info Im trying everything I can and it s extremly frustrating. is this someone who can at least give me the email address to allentown unemployment so I can email about the reasons why I cant do this job and need some time to get a new job or career

  22. Lori Crossley

    Hi I had a stroke on 1/2/13 I have all my fuctions (motor skills, reading, writing. math, comprehension, computer etc.) But my speech is impaired. I was successfully a sales person with my company for 14 years, 99% of my job was speaking on the phone. It is improving but sllllooowww going. I can perform other jobs but not the job I was charge with. My employers said I am welcome back but when I can speak fluidly and take on my clients. Communication is hard. Am I eligible? When I fell if the application what do i put for reason . Leave of absence> Thank you so much

  23. steven anspach

    I am trying to purchase a vehicle so I can go to credit report is saying I owe money…i would like to set up some kind of payment plan to take care of this could you please get back to me so I can do this…5706176630….or by email…asap please!!!

  24. Crystal Alba

    I am still waiting for my UC benefits to go into my checking account. I thought the money would arrive by now. Please contact me ASAP to let me know what is causing the delay.

  25. joshua begley

    I worked for a company in 2010 and was arrested and sentence to 6-23 months in jail. Can i still file for unemployment till i find another job?

  26. Justin Labasik

    I recently lost my job in March of this year due to illness and I filed for UC benefits, I received a packet in the mail and was told I was eligible, but I ended up losing the packet. I am due to start training for another job starting June 3rd. Am I still eligible to receive benefits even though I am not working yet? I am in a financial bind at the moment, and need a lot of help at the moment.

  27. Janice McCormick

    I am attempting to contact the Duquesne office. I had been working at PNC Park earlier this year, and got laid off at the end of a great season. I got hired by Burger King store 17292, located at 920 Ohio River Boulevard, Avalon PA 15202. I called the Duquesne office after being hired. They said to call back after I started working. I have been working this week starting on Monday, November 18th, 2013. The office line is busy, but I wanted to call back as instructed, and report my new part-time employment before having to file my bi-weekly claim on this Sunday, November 24, 2013. How can I contact the office by email to reach them by 4PM, today , since offices are closed on Saturday?

  28. Michele Pickford

    I would like the PA unemployment Federal ID number if anyone can tell me it please I would greatly appreciate it.

  29. steve

    Filed new claim. Received confirmation by e-mail and the packet of forms. File first claim July 6th. Get online and it says I have to wait till July 20th. What gives.

  30. Debbi Shaw

    THe company I’ve been working for more than 20 years slowed down. They put me down to “office manager” for a 3 day week instead of the 5 day week. I’ve been collecting UC for almost a year for those 2 days a week. The company just went out of business. Can I continue collecting for a 5 day week while hoping to find another job. I don’t know where there is an Unemployment office near where I live. 225 Valley Stream Lane, Chesterbrook, PA 19087

  31. jimmy chaplin

    I’ve been waiting on an answer from pa unemployment for two months ,and got no were fast no one person can answer anything so i closed the claim asked that my wages be sent to the state were I worked and now it’s been two weeks and three day and they refuse to forward my wages to that state something really needs to be done with this poor way of management …if I had done this it would ‘ve cost me my job or in my case out of pocket, I hate this state….

  32. Bernard Bradshaw

    Hello I filed my unemployment in new jersey I had spoke to someone that told me I owed you guys 260 dollars and that everything was being posses wanted to know if you rec your funds and what’s going on

  33. Ed

    7_22_2015 Calling 8883137284 at 9am going on 10am AND IT’S TELLING ME THE OFFICE IS CLOSED! • Calling 814871461, busy and then rings and then busy!???

  34. Linda Brown

    I need a email address for the unemployment compensation office so I can talk to someone in regards to a lien that has been put on my credit. Would like to get this taken care of.

  35. jason niles

    I filed my biweekly claim on sunday and was supposed to recieve my benefits today and it hasnt been deposited is there anyone i can reach today to figure out why i havent recieved anything

  36. Casey

    Called 1 (888) 313-7284 and (888) 313-7284 multiple times and am receiving a Verizon error message. Needs to be fixed!

  37. Robert Ickes

    Hello, I am receive a severance from my prior employer. I understand that my benefits are delayed until I make the threshold. For me it 12 ~12 weeks. I filed immediately and have received the eligibility and financial letters. What I do not see is how the severance payments affect eligibility requirements around job searches, etc, Some key question :
    1 -Must I file weekly/bi weekly for job search requirements, etc. (eligibility filing)
    2 – If I must file, what shall I file? Eligible for claim, ineligible (and obviously what selection…..I use “other last week”

    I really could use an answer on this as there are no clear instruction regarding this and the process.


    1. Sam

      I just cross-checked with the official website of PA Office of Unemployment Compensation. We’ve updated the phone number for Altoona. Please call 814-941-6801.

  38. Desiree

    I have checked my status of my claim and it says there is issues. I got a paper in the mail of what I’m suppose to get a certain amount and I am eligible for it. I’m not sure what to do. Who do I call.

    1. Sam

      There will be phone numbers provided in the email or the letter. Please refer to the document for making a call.

      Alternatively, you can also consider visiting the nearest Unemployment Office in the vicinity for an update.


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