PA Unemployment Compensation Guide

Filing your unemployment application in Pennsylvania is not a straight forward process. Set aside some time to understand the process before you apply for PA unemployment benefits. This guide explains the eligibility criteria, and the process  to file for unemployment compensation.

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  2. PA Compensation Amount
  3. Apply for Benefits
  4. Benefits Extension
  5. Benefits Calculator

Eligibility Criteria for Claiming PA Unemployment Benefits

In general, you cannot get benefits if you have quit the job voluntarily. In other words, you must have been unemployed by no fault of your own. If you had to quit your job due to unfavourable conditions, you might qualify, but the state unemployment office will make a determination on case by case basis.

To get benefits, you must also be actively looking for work. If you are disabled you may not be eligible. Check if you can get disability insurance in that situation. Additionally, your previous job must have earned income sufficient to cover your living expenditure. So that means part-time work conditions do not meet the requirements.

You should file your application with PA Unemployment Insurance agency as soon as possible. While the State allows you to file a claim by telephone, the preferred method is over the Internet which gets you faster response and less wait time. When you file a claim, you will have to give important details, such as residence address, employment history etc. Make sure you give thorough and true information. Otherwise your claims may get delayed unnecessarily.

Watch this video to know if you are eligible to obtain unemployment benefits


Details needed to file for PA unemployment benefits

  • Previous Job Information such as name and address of the employer. In general, you need 18 months of history. It would be helpful if you have your tax filings handy. An estimate of date-time and interval of each job is desirable as well. Generally, employers do not provide this info to states.
  • Personal details such as name, social security number, phone, mailing address etc.
  • Motive for leaving the job – voluntary or involuntary and how you left the job. Any papers if available will be convenient.
  • Your financial institution’s Routing Transit Number and your Account Number if choosing Direct Deposit of your benefit money,
  • If you are not a US national, you will need your Alien Registration Credentials provided by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This includes your alien registration type and number, country of origin, and your Employment Authorization or Permanent Residency papers if authorized to work in the USA.

Want to know more about claiming? Watch this video –

You are only allowed file your claim with the state where you have worked. If you have worked in a state other than the one where you now live or if you worked in various states, the state unemployment agency where you now live can offer information regarding filing your claims with other states.

Filing Your Claims at PA Unemployment Office

Once you have collected all the details, you need to contact the employment office to file your application. You can do so either by phone or online. Filing the claims via internet is the fastest and more efficient method. Visit State website at to file online.

If you prefer to file over phone, check PA Unemployment Office page to get the contact numbers

Watch this video on how to contact PA unemployment office –

Unemployment offices may take 2-4 weeks to process your claim. Many States demand one-week waiting period. Therefore, the second week claimed is the first week of payment.

Federal and state laws require that certain kind of information be provided upon request for statistical and Unemployment Insurance program improvement purposes. The information you give to the Unemployment Insurance Agency relating to your claim for unemployment remuneration is kept private and will be used only by public officials performing their duties.

After you file your application, you will get an acknowledgement from the State agency. Now, you will start receiving weekly benefits. Remember you have to claim your benefits every week and make them aware that you are still unemployed.

What to do after you file you unemployment application?

After you have applied for the benefits, loosen up and think about the next steps. The payback you get will not be adequate to cover your living costs, so you should find employment straight away. Review your resume and give it a modern look. Develop your business skills or learn about new craft. Check which line of business is adding up new jobs and where the innovation is occurring.

As soon as you settle on the kind of next job you wish for, make a better use of new tools available for job searching. Networking sites such as Linkedin will help greatly with job hunting these days. Create your personal network now! You never know at the time will you need them and now is the best time to widen your network. Post your resume to various job websites such as Career Builder etc. It is also a good idea to explore unconventional places to find work. Places like Craigs list may hold gems of opportunities, who knows?

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  1. I am unemployment since april 15, 2010, I applied for benefit, on juin, 26,2010 my claim was denied
    since that no income to pay my bill what to do now. Please give me an answer. thank you.

  2. I received notice that I will be laid off at end of month since there is no work available. Can I start process now or do I need to wait until end of the month?

    1. Hi Deborah. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until your employment ends. After that you can began the process of opening a new claim (if this is your first time to file) and then you have a waiting week once you file your first claim. In other words, out of your first 2-week benefit filing, you will only receive one week of benefits. Then, every 2 weeks when you file, you will receive 2 full weeks of benefits. The Department of Labor will send you your handbook and Notice of Determination of Benefits outlining what your weekly benefit will be, and how long you can collect. The amount of weekly benefit is based on your last 5 quarters of earnings. The highest quarter will be selected. Hope this is helpful.

    2. My position is being eliminated on 12/31. I have applied for other positions but have not gotten response. I have a potential offer to do some contract work early 2019. I wouldn’t be an employee. How does this affect unemployment?

      1. Mary,

        As long as you’re not drawing an income or have actively started working, you should be able to continue claiming weekly benefits. I suggest you call the Unemployment Office in your state to confirm.

      2. Any way to talk to a human? It’s been 5 weeks now and it won’t let me file online or by phone Kathy Rapps office is of no help.

        1. Harv,

          Please try finding answers to your questions on the department’s website. Phone support might not be available as the dept. maybe short-staffed.

  3. Due to outsoursing I will become a displaced worker in Sept. 2011, I am of age to take retirement but cannot file for SS until January due to income.
    Can I apply for unemployment for the 4 months between. Are there restrictions on collecting unemploymet and a pension. Thank you for your time

  4. Hello I would like to know if you apply for a partial unemployment check what it goes by the money you make or the hours. And if i were to apply where would i apply just a regular unemloyment application.

    Jeanette Gorman

  5. I filed christmas week 2010, it’s now Feb 28 and when i call they tell me it’s still in
    determining status. I work a part time second job, i have been for more than 6 months however its not enough to pay rent alone. I have never applied for unemployment before, i guess my employer that let me go is doing their best to keep me from being approved. Is there ANYTHING i can do to help myself while i still wait AND ARE there only certian things that will keep a person from getting benifits or is it a case by case thing, i live on my own and im worried. Unsatisfactory performance was the reason for letting me go.

  6. i am wondering if i would be eligible for un-employment benefits if i was to quit my job because i was moving to north carolina or how that could work for me.

    1. Joshua, if you are moving to start a new job, you could be eligible to receive UC benefits.
      Under the UC law they refer to this as a necessitous and compelling reason to quit your employer. Your employer has the right to appeal if they do choose too. Most of the time an employer will not depending on the circumstances.

  7. I am inquiring, when a person files unemployment compensation, how many weeks do they look back to determine benefit amounts. Is it a year and they take the highest quarter?

      1. I had apply for benefit was denied for some weeks and still haven’t hear anything about the rest of the weeks I have claim. Can someone help!!

        1. Rosa,

          If you’ve been denied on irrelevant grounds, please consider filing an “Appeal” by asking for an adjudicator.

  8. i was layed off from my job in july, however, they hold my job for 2 years. meaning if business picks up they have to bring me back before they hire a new person. when i got layed off i started a new job, but its only a temporary job. i dont want to go back to my old job in hopes that my new job will turn in to perament job, which there is a 50/50 chance that that could happen. the new job would be better pay, with really good benifits. so my question is my old job wants me to come back now, i am working as a temporary now and would have to quit the old job if they call me back and i cant come back. if i quit, old job, and my new temp job doesnt turn into permanant, when the temp position runs out can i draw unemployment ??

    1. Justin, it depends. One the state does not recognize any company policy unless they give you a definitive return date.
      So, when the company laid you off you were eligible for UC benefits.
      Now if the temporary job is a full time 32-40 hours a week job that is a full time position, unemployment doesn’t decipher if the job will turn into long term or not. Just full time or part time, if you are not getting full time hours you can still apply for partial benefits.
      If you get laid off from your current employer you can file for UC benefits.
      Hope this helps

  9. I am needing a statement from unemployment on when my last date of work was. Which was in April of 2009. This if information for medicines, I am currently uninsured, and need this information to submit to company that is going to help with medicine. My date of birth is december 22, 1961, thank you. Address is 538 Laurel Street, Reading, Pennsylvania, 19602. Please let me know if correctly sent

    1. Katelyn, if you loose you full time job do to no fault of your own, and for some reasons on the job that are not your fault, discrimination, harassment, safety some examples. Keep all records in these cases.

  10. I have recently been able to get a job after receiving unemployment benefits. However, it is for only 27 hours per week. I do not know what constitutes “full-time” employment. Is it 40 hours?
    Am I eligible for any partial benefits?
    David Chase

    1. David, the determination is based on the amount you earn in a week, just apply on line. Submit your wages and the calculation will automatically be done for you.

  11. i am returning to pa. to seek employ. i have lived in south carolina for several years and layed off this year i am presently receiving unemploy. comp from south carolina. how can i receive in pa until i secure a job

  12. If i work a 40 hr week. cut back to 36 hrs. can i still collect a partal check. What is the cut off for hours?

  13. My employment at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs was terminated due to the fact I accumulated ten points in a calender year. By this point system I would receive a point each time that I was late for work. When I knew that I was going to be late five minutes or more I would call to notify my supervisor. There was never a time that I would be more than fifteen minutes late for my shift. There would be several times however I would be stopped perhaps by a guest needing assistance which would also make me late which would also go against my point total. Within the values of the company it was more important to direct the guest to where he or she needed to be rather than being rude and unresponsive to the guests questions. Also, you need to take into account that there were also times where traffic would prevent me from making it to work on time. When I refer to traffic I not only mean from my home to the casino but also the traffic in the casino area. Depending on the special promotions, private events etc. taking place on the days of my scheduled shifts. As a result, Mohegan did in the end follow through with their policy and suspend me due to receiving ten points. The company then fired me two days later. I now was left with no job after the four years I had worked there with superior service to the company and it’s guests. I believe it’s unjust and unfair for the company to be able to fire me in such a manner and now I am unemployed without any income coming in. It was unfortunate for me the employee to be subject to a policy which I have no say and discretion, is used with some employees and not with others, all at the supervisors discretion. The policy was not enforced uniformly. I could accept this decision if I were an employee who wasn’t dedicated and worked hard the entire time I was on duty. If I were asked to stay late I did, if volunteers were needed to come in to cover parties, special events or non-covered shifts I volunteered. There were times that I went weeks working 7 days a week without a day off. It seems to me, that is what makes an employee a good employee, and a company that is successful. I feel that if exceptions were made for other employees than I feel that I should have been given the same opportunity, considering my level of proven dedication and work ethic.

    1. Hi Joe. If there was any documented written handbook or policy that states what you have described about being late ten times, and you were fired, it’s going to be an uphill battle to try to get any type of benefits. If there was something discriminatory about the way you were fired, and you can prove it with documentation, you may have a chance of getting benefits – but very doubtful. The Department of Labor is very stringent on what the company documents. Good Luck?

      1. Actually, with unemployment, they look at the very last event that occurred prior to discharge. Fight it, especially if it was a good excuse. I just came from a meeting in Harrisburg about unemployment and have been doing claims from the employer’s prospective for 9 years.

  14. i have a question on flat rate work. i’m at work 80-84 hours per pay period and only getting paid for 50-70 hours per pay period. it doesn’t seem fair that i’m spending all my time there and not getting paid. can i file for unemployment for the hours i’m not getting paid or should my employer be paying me something for those hours? when i’m not working on cars i’m doing things like cleaning up the shop, fixing the furance, running for parts, etc. i really need an answer to this queston. i can’t spend all those hours at work for nothing, how do they expect us to live????? please answer this question for me and my coworkers. we have looked everwhere for this answer and can’t find it. if you need to contact me for more info let me know via email and i will return your call.

  15. I am very frustrated with the PA Unemployment Compensation system. I have been calling religiously every day to file for extended benefits and I just get a busy signal. This has gone on for weeks with every number I have called and obtained. I have even gone as far as calling the Federal Information line and the U.S. Dept of Labor and I still have no results. This is ridiculous! How am I supposed to live when I’m receiving no money and can’t even get in touch with anyone. What am i supposed to do? This is outrageous and I am very upset right now!!!

    1. There is a number on the unemployment website. The best thing to do is be on the phone with that number dialed at 7am. You will have less than a 10 minute wait. Keep in mind, there are millions filing for benefits. If you have access to the internet, file your extension request on line.

  16. I worked full time at DSC Logistics for 12.75 yrs. July 31, 2011 I retired at 62. I stared work at Bell Hardware August 21, 2011 for 35.5 hrs. a week. Am I eligable to collect with this background of work history if the situation arives?

  17. I started work for L.P.S. in Jan 2011 initially there took taxes out. then in september they decided to make everyone 1099. Business is slow, straite commission I was warned that I might be replaced. since I have a good quater of taxable income for 2011 can I and at what point should I be speaking to the compansation department. thaks

  18. I moved to PA from WI last Fall when my wife tranfered here for her new job. I was working full time in WI. I started working here part time when I arrived in September.
    I was told I may be able to file for partial unemployment for the difference in what I earned there to what I earn here. I am and have been looking for full time work in the feild I was trained in and, at least, other part time work to suppliment.
    Could you let me know if this is possible?
    Thanks for your time.

  19. I never received my mail in forms for job searches. I am hoping due to the fact these never were sent to me it wll not keep me from claiming the past 2 weeks. I have completed job searches but I dont have form to mail them in.
    Margaret Guinan

  20. Just want to know I filed on feb 2 have the card and everything else but I still haven’t received unemployment claims yet…am I still going to receive it?

  21. I have been informed that I am eligible to receive either a hard copy or email copy of my unemployment payments. However, I have been unable to locate where I sign up to make that determination. Where do I go for that?

  22. I had to quit work Feb.20,2012. To take care of my husband with terminal laryngeal Cancer.
    Would I be able to collect unemployment, or where else could I go for financial help?
    Debra Kern

  23. Hi i have not beena able to contact anyone at the uc office to ask questions about my no receiving my weekly extension claim forms for the months of march and april i was able to find out where there office is located. i guess i have to go down to the office to get any help but in he mean time my bills are piling up and hings are getting hut of and repossessed. i am not at all computer savvy so hopefully this comment gets to the right people and i can get some help.

  24. how long does it take to get first payment after your first claim called in? called in on 4/22/12. when should i expect deposit on my debit card. need to know if i should sell some more belongings to get by. thank you for any assistance.

  25. I am almost done with my 26 weeks of unemployment I haven’t been able to find a job.. How do I go about filing for an extention?

    1. I just revived the same message I called just now for my benifeits I now need to call for an extension on ties

  26. I was self employed for 3 years , now I have being employed in any company for 9 months and the company is letting me go. can l claim or qualify for unemployment?

  27. My company is relocating about 20 miles away. The employees will be offered to continue employment, if they want to travel to the new location. Are the employees eligible for unemployment compensation, if they choose not to travel to the new location?

  28. i was making 1200.00 dollars a week and now i am unemployed collecting the max . how much money can i make at a part time job before i am pentalized ?

  29. My question is: I’m back on unemployment after a temp job, got my first payment 2 weeks later. So, after claiming the next 2 weeks, how come I have not received my next payment?

  30. my question is how come the website for pa unemployment says they were cutting back from 13 weeks to 6 for eb benifits and i only recieved one i have no type of income and can get find a job what should i do about whats being done and also i never recieved a notice that my benifits were going to be stopped i dont know what to do ..

  31. My story, one of harassment and being bullied by Boss, am I eligible for UE?

    October of 2011, I accepted a part time position with a fairly new company; in a administrative position, which I agreed to in writing. This included, but was not limited to; setting up the office, creating files, answering phones, processing all work orders, and tracking rents, and communication with the owner; marketing the vacant residential properties and working with the vendors to service 80 residential properties in and around the Philadelphia area. I am a licensed PA Real Estate Broker which also enabled me to create and execute rental agreements and collect rents, and deposits from tenants. I worked closely with the Property Manager, (name withheld), and together we gave 100% to keep the business running as well as we could with such a small staff.

    I became a full time employee in January of 2012. Still working in an administrative position.

    April 2012, property manager, decided to move on to selling Real Estate Full time. After 3 weeks of not having another full time employee in the office, the corporate office hired a Property Manager who only lasted for 1 month. I was the sole full time employee. Property manager offered information on a consultant basis only.

    Approximately the 1st week in May, after being the soul employee doing my best to keep the business running after 3 weeks without a manager, the corporate office hired another Property Manager to begin the 2nd week in May. I was told by corporate and the owner, that this new person had a lot of experience with the company and would train me on the software programs, and be the acting Property Manager and would bring us vendors to address all tenant maintenance requests. I was told by the owner, that I should continue to do what I was doing and that nothing would change regarding my position in an administrative role, I would only assist the new Property Manger. Also because the new Property Manger did not have a Real Estate Sales license I would have to sign all documents.

    May 2011; Due to lack of payments (paid from corporate office out of owner portfolios), to the sum of 20,000, our current main general contractor had stopped working with us, and I was receiving daily calls regarding past due invoices, with threats of taking legal action. Hence, I was now without a Property Manager along with an on call contractor to service the properties. This was very stressful.

    May (approximately the 14th) new manager arrived, relocating from out of state. He informed me that he would resolve the outstanding payments past due, and make sure they would get paid, and not to get involved. He also said he would just observe for a while and not change any procedures until he was sure what actions to take. In the mean time I was still without help, a general contractor , and did not receive any on the job training on the “Property ware” software as promised.

    After 2 weeks, May 28th, I was told by new manager that the position I currently held was not going to be available, and what he needed was a full time Property Manger that would include all administrative tasks that I was now performing on a daily basis. I was told I was to be the Property Manager moving forward and that I was told I would have to show all properties in and around the Philly area, do inspections and virtually run the office. His title was the General Manager and he was to focus on training other offices and making sure the office was running to his standards. My reaction was; I accepted an offer to be in an administrative role for the business which did not include traveling into Philly, showing properties, and doing all inspections. I asked him, pleaded, to create a position within the company so I could keep my job. He said there were no other positions.

    From that day forward, daily I was approached regarding my new role as the Property Manager and that I would eventually have to sign an agreement which detailed my new job description. I asked if I did not sign this “agreement” what would happen. He said if I did not sign this agreement I would have to quit or eventually be fired for not dong the required tasks required of Property Manager. He also said, either way I would not be eligible for unemployment, that he knew his way around unemployment. Why this was said, I am not sure, but again, very upsetting. I said I was not comfortable signing any such agreement and went home every day wondering if I would have a job the next day. The stress brought on migraines, which landed me in emergency one day, and I began treatment for migraines and was diagnosed by my doctor doctor with Adrenal Burn out, caused by stress.

    June 21st, I arrived at work at 11:15, after sitting at a vacant rental property from 7-11 waiting for Peco to show up and turn on the Gas. (this is a property manager responsibility). New manager approached me and said he had decided to hire 2 people to assist him; an assistant to answer phones and do administrative tasks, and another to do outside sales. I asked if I could take this administrative position, and he denied my request saying, I was the Property Manager, and this was not an option. I then asked if he had something for me to sign to accept my “Property Management Requirements and Job Description” and if my pay would change. He said he had nothing for me to sign and my pay was to stay the same. I asked if I could work the part time position and help him transition a new person into the management position since I had the most knowledge of the inner office workings at this time, and was the only licensed Real Estate agent, he denied my request.

    June 21st, same day I went to lunch and experienced a severe anxiety attack. I called my doctor to schedule me in the same day. I then called the office and let new manager know I was very upset about the feeling of being forced into a management position and was having an severe anxiety attack and that I was going to see my doctor to address the anxiety attack. He said do not come back without a doctors note. I went home to take a Migraine med since I was experiencing the onset of a Migraine. Once home, I was unable to drive and called my doctor to reschedule. I was able to see the doctor on June 28th.

    June 21st, once I was able to see and think clearly and function after taking medication from the migraine, I called unemployment immediately to share the daily “harassment” I was receiving from my boss and was afraid to return to work. I decided for health reasons it was best I seek another job and terminated my employment with Real Property Management on that day. I sent an email to inform manager I would not be returning.

    There are currently 3 positions being advertised on Craig’s list for positions to fill, positions I had asked to fill to stay employed. Assistant to Property Manager . I honestly feel I was being pushed out of my position for reasons I am not aware of.

    Jobless in PA.

  32. I got unemployment benefits for 6 months then i was informed that i had a nonfault overpayment. I appealed this. my question is, how can the employer come back after 6 months and dispute my unemployment. when i filed i was under the impression that the employer was informed and had their chance to dispute, and now months later they are telling me i should not have been getting benefits. I was fired for calling off of work for a family medical emergency. I followed company procedure by calling off, and i have a witness to this fact.

  33. My job at Tastykake in Philadelphia was “eliminated” on August 5, 2011. My boss & I were the only two people in the company that handled all the Sales Drivers, etc. I am supposedly entitled to 77 weeks of unemployment. Some of the people who were left go before me collected 99 weeks. I don’t think this is fair. Also, all you hear is HOW THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE HAS DROPPED! Are people that stupid that they do not recognize the fact that a lot of people are coming off their benefits; therefore, they are not longer counted. You would think that some politician would get on the TV and recognize this fact!

    1. Donald trump done a investigation into the real unemployment rates and their between 40%-50%, not 5% as obama has exagerated this drastically…

      1. You’re higher than Trump’s hair, Mark. So, by that logic, roughly HALF of the people you know don’t have jobs??? Highly dubious.

  34. My question is I live in pa my fiancée lives in new jersey. I have been at my job for 6 years. If I move to new jersey after I get married will I qualify for unemployment? And should I file???

  35. I live in pennsylvania. I am employed by a company based in Illinois with shops in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. The company has no work for me in Pennsylvania and they are trying to send me to Oklahoma for work. Can i file for unemployment in pennsylvania?

  36. My job recently forced me to go on leave because I am pregnant and they can not , or will not accommodate my lifting restrictions. I am very early in my pregnancy and my doctor doesn’t want me lifting more than 30 pounds and job basically told me if i cant lift up to 75 pounds then I cant work. Short term disability will not pay me because my doctor didn’t put me out. My question is, will I qualify for unemployment???

  37. i was unemployment for a month and found a job then quit two months later becayse thr managers were pervs the unemployment worker said i could not i foumd a job a daycare and got fired for no reason .i did call in twice but i was mahorly sick at the hospital with proof..can i file for unemployment again and receive the money i havent collected from wen i first filed.its hard finding a job

  38. OK, I received one benefit week and $10 for my second week. Still no job despite searching. How do I file for and extension and what makes me eligible? I am out of funds and on the verge of eviction as of today. I had not anticipated the payments t0 stop without a letter from your office.
    Now what?

  39. My employment was terminated do to my FMLA running out. After I had surgery I was unable to return to work so when my FMLA ran out my employer let me get my long term disability. Now that it has run out can I get unemployment

  40. Hi, I have about a month left on my unemployment am I eligible for a extended time to collect , if so how long and how do I apply? Thank you.

  41. I am going to be coming off mobilization in the states for a year training troops going over seas. Can I collect the 90 day unemployment before going back to work. I know when coming back from over seas you can, but I have been in the states at Fort Dix NJ.

  42. My work told me they would hold my job for 90 days without pay .. I tore my acl and miniscus and need surgery. I am wondering what I could apply for to have some sore of income

    1. You will not be eligible to receive unemployment since the injury/surgery puts you off work for sometime. If the injury was work related, please explore workers compensation scheme.

  43. I am close to running out of unemployment after 19 weeks, and ive been diligent in a job search! Is there anyway possible to file for more weeks of unemployment? Im very scared and need the help very much.i have tons of pride to and not lazy..but ive gotten no job offers at all yet.i have begged people..please let me know quickly, thank you..

    1. The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

    1. Please let us know how we can assist you.

      Unemployment Insurance claim can be made either over the phone or on the internet (official website).

  44. the hospital I worked for closed. the career I had was limited. I began a medical billing and coding course. I am paying the tuition. is going to school to improve my employment chances,changing fields acceptable? do I still have to attend job fairs and apply for a job in my old field? if I did classes instead of applying am I now uneligible for unemployment?

    1. Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for precise information.

      Certain courses may be permitted.

  45. I was fired from my job, last Tuesday was my last day. I applied and can’t remember my pin, how do I reset it to find out if I am able to receive benefits?

    1. If you were fired due to voluntary issues such as performance, you will not be eligible.

      Please call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided for support.

  46. where can I go to check the date that I last started to get unemployment benefits. The people who are in charge of my pension are saying that I left the company in 2003 but I remember leaving in 2005 and collecting unemployment right away.

  47. I was let go from my job on Aug 1st, 2013 due to not having any FMLA. I had a previous back surgery on Oct 19th 2012. My second back surgery was on August 2nd, 2013 day after I was let go. I didn’t know at the time that I maybe could have applied for UC. . . I turned 62 Aug 16 so I applied for Social Security got my first check in September 2013. My question is being that it has been 3 years would I be able to open a claim for unemployment? If I would have known back then that I could have applied I would have. I was so upset that never crossed my mind.

    1. You will not be eligible since the claimant needs to have sufficient employment during the “Base Period”, which is last 4-5 calendar quarters.

  48. Can anyone tell me what’s holding payment up? I filed on January 1, 2017 and set up direct deposit. My financial eligibility was determined and the website says to keep filling timely claims but as of close of business 2/2/17 no payments have been made. My former employer sent back my paperwork 10 days ago, is there something going on at unemployment that is holding up payments?

    1. Due to an unprecedented shutdown of at least three call centers in the state, many calls from claimants are going unanswered. We also have strong reasons to believe that there will be a delay in processing claims and this situation is expected to continue for a few more weeks. Please be patient or visit a local CareerLink Office to get faster access to the Claims System by phone. You can also try filing the weekly claim over the internet.

  49. Can a person who is currently receiving unemployment benefits in the state of PA, also apply for short term disability through their employer? how would that affect the current unemployment comensation payments and what could be the consequences of doing so?

    1. Mike,

      Unemployment Insurance benefits are only extended to those who’re able and available for work. If the disability prevents employment, I suggest you call the Claims Center for further advice.

      1. I have had letters stating from you all what I would get per week. I then get letters stating that I have not worked in that state at that time. I just want to draw my unemployment and move on as soon as I can find a job . Can you please call me had explain to me why one person in your office says one thing and another person sending letters saying differently. I did work in PA from july 2016 to December 2016 for Team Enveronmental llc.I just ask that this issue be fixed asap I am behind on bills and depended on these funds to get me through to next job. 304-590-1259

        1. Tony,

          Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claims file. Please chase the Unemployment Office for concrete updates on the phone numbers provided.

  50. I tried to call the number to turn in my bi weekly claim and was told I could’nt file and to call the main number which is impossible to reach. I didn’t know there was a time date I needed to call. I received my pin number and noticed that the last day was February 7th. What do I do now?

    1. Roberta,

      If you missed filing a weekly claim within the stipulated time, you can file the following week. If you continue facing issues, please call the Claims Center and speak with a representative.

  51. My name is Susan L. Arcuri, and I’m contacting you inregards to my boss. He doesn’t seem to do anything to help his workers in anyway. He has been threatening me in a lot of ways. I think he is waiting for me to quit, but I will not quit on his behalf because I won’t be able to collect unemployment if I do quit. He won’t pay me for 4 sick days that I didn’t get paid for when I was out with the flu the end of February. Also he won’t pay me for a personal day I took during the Easter break. When I was out sick, I had a doctors excuse for that whole week while I was out. I’ve been looking for another job while I am still working there. There are quite a few workers that quit at DeSales because of him. There are other incidents that happened there but I will not get into them right now.

    1. Susan,

      I can understand your situation. If things are going out of hand and leading to a harassment kind of situation, you can be eligible to claim UI benefits if you quit. Before doing so, make sure to keep supporting documents handy and call the Unemployment Office before making a decision.

  52. It’s been over a month and I haven’t received anything. This is the worst, I have a family, bills etc. How am I supposed to live? We barely have food!

    1. Jabbar,

      I can understand your situation. Please call the Unemployment Office to chase them for a payment and continue doing so until the time the weekly payments stabilize.

  53. I’m very upset it’s been so long I keep calling they say it’s being reviewed I recvd my card and how much I should recv but I have not recvd anything yet. How am I supposed to pay my sons tuition for college my bills my rent I’m out looking for a job I need gas money how long do you have to wait this is ridiculous and absolutely frustrating you can only tell the utilities before they start no believing you .

    1. I can understand your frustration. All I can say is to ask you to keep chasing the Claims Center until you get a concrete update. Please ask for a supervisor if need be. Best wishes!

  54. I have been an honest hard working employee for at minimum 7 years at us westrock packaging I eventually ran into vehicle trouble and was immediately fired through text and not professionally let go I have worked very hard for this company and I feel that I deserve a restitution please take this into consideration thank you John Shaffer

    1. John,

      I can understand your situation. Please note UI benefits are only extended to claimants who’ve lost their job due to involuntary reasons. If you think you were asked to leave on irrelevant grounds, please consider applying for UI benefits until you find employment.

  55. I was fired from my job because I purchased items from a co worker. Who was ringing me up for the wrong price and which I did not ask him to do.

    1. It might go against you when you file and if your employer disputes. Before applying, please call the Unemployment Office.

  56. I recently signed up for unemployment 08/11/19, and it’s 09/03/19. I’ve been calling the number that is on the paper I received but have been getting no responses. My question is what’s the estimated date for my unemployment check and should I be concerned I’ve been getting no response.

    1. Joshson,

      Yes, you should be concerned. It should not take so much time. Please visit the official website for additional contact details/consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity for updates.

  57. My hours have been cut because of the Corona virus was getting 39 to 40 hours a week now getting 21.5 hours a week my phone number is
    814 249 4737 thank you

    1. Trina,

      You can be eligible to claim partial UI benefits. Please consider applying on the Unemployment Office website.

  58. I applied for my employment March 21 and the I did my 2 weeks on Thursday and then I got email say that they need more information I been try to call them since thirsday and can not get throw is there any other when I can find out what information they need

  59. I filed and was approved and even got my first bout of benefits but it was put on the reli card however I haven’t yet received my card in mail. How and who do I contact about that.

    1. Roberta,

      I hope you were able to get to the bottom of this. If the issue persists, please chase the office regularly until a flow is established.

  60. I am on furlough from my job since mid March. I have been given the opportunity to work a few hours here and there when it’s available and until the week ending April 17, I have received a full paycheck because I used up all of my vacation time and a week of extended sick bank as per company policy. Starting this week I will have 13 hours and next week four hours. I applied for unemployment knowing this would happen on March 28 for my initial. Unfortunately after submitting the application I realized I had made a few errors and I have been trying to contact the office to correct them but I have not been able to get through obviously because of COVID-19. Should I reapply fresh or wait until the office has questions about my application that I can correct. I received two emails that they had received my claim but not the one where it determines how much of a benefit I will receive. I am anxiously waiting for a pin or some kind of communication to let me know the next steps.

    1. Diane,

      I can understand your situation. I suggest you wait until the office comes back to you. Please continue checking the status regularly.

  61. I have reopened my claim about a month ago and when I try to put in my claim it tells me that my existing claim is inactive now what do I do can’t get through on phone etc

  62. i am trying 2 file biweekly claim it wont let me i reopened 3 imes noone will call me back or email me desperate runnig out of stuff

    1. Janet,

      Please let us know the nature of the issue. You can also try finding an answer to your question the official website.

  63. Hi,

    My name is Adam Michalik. I recently applied for unemployment and was told I would receive a pin within a couple days. I did not receive a pin but instead received a reliacard that said it was for unemployment. I have questions pertaining to if this is the correct card or how it works. If you could get back to me that would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you for your time.
    Adam Michalik

    1. Adam,

      Please note this is a private forum. Please visit the resources section of the Unemployment Office website for self-help.

  64. I have applied for Unemployment I’m waiting for a reply still bills are due so is rent ty

    1. Jesus,

      I can understand your situation. Please be patient and keep chasing the office regularly. There will be a delay due to the sheer number of pending applications.

  65. My unemployment is shutoff they said they sent out paperwork on the 5th of last month cause they reported I had a job. I NEVER GOT THE PAPERWORK. I NEVER GOT THE 30 DAY NOTICE TO REGISTER AT CAREER LINK. That check was taken from me. I do not have a job as of yet. I do have an interview tomorrow but no gas money to get there cause I have not received any money in weeks. I got thru to chat they told me to call. That was an absolute slap in the face. Trying to get thru to PA unemployment is an absolute joke. 25 years I worked and paid PA unemployment. All you people have done is fought tooth and nail to keep that money. Making me jump thru hoops like a circus monkey. This was my last straw in PA. I lived here since birth. I will be relocating as soon as I get this job and get enough money to go. I will no longer pay your unemplyment tax. Thanks for all your help with my money when I needed it.

  66. I was on unemployment it ran out I started getting the pau for a couple weeks will I keep getting it or do I have to sign back up for it please.

    1. Michael,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim info. Please check on the Unemployment Office website if you’re required to claim it.

  67. I still have not received my PIN number + I already requested for another pin total of 8 weeks still waiting. I need to call in to claim benefits which I already received my determination letter. I can’t call in without this pin. We should have been able to create our own pin like some other states.
    I’ve been on the live chat from 8-5 the past 2 days just to get answer as to where is my PIN number..could not get through using my phone and laptop at the same time just to get someone to help me.

    1. Luisa,

      I can understand your situation. Please continue following up until you get a concrete answer. There will be a delay due to the number of applications being processed.

  68. I filed my first claim in March, 2020 when my hours were cut, and have filed bi-weekly claims since. I received a letter stating that I was eligible for partial benefits In April, however, I have yet to receive a single cent. How much longer am I going to have to wait to receive the money owed to me?

    1. Donovan,

      There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  69. I was furloughed for a week twice The First time I received my direct deposit for my regular unemployement and the additional $600 from the federal goverment three weeks later I filed again and still have not received anything

  70. I quit my full time job 10 weeks ago to go to school to further my education and was wondering if I would be eligible for unemployment benefits. I been trying to call the number to get threw but it’s always busy. Can someone please help

    1. Brittany,

      Unemployment insurance benefits are extended to claimants who lose employment due to involuntary reasons. Not sure if you will qualify.

    1. Logan,

      Please register yourself and login to claim partial UI benefits. There will be a questionnaire that will help the Office to understand you’re claiming partial UI benefits.

  71. I was off for a week in July and filed for unemployment, my claim was approved and a few weeks later I received my debit card but i have been waiting for over a month now for my compensation, i keep checking my card and my balance is still 0. how long must i wait to see any money?

    1. Terry,

      The Unemployment Office may be inundated with requests. Please continue chasing until payments normalize.

        1. Terry,

          I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

    1. Stephanie,

      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until you have a concrete update.

  72. I have been working a long term temporary position for about a year. The person I filled in for is back, which means I will be out of a job. Do I qualify for unemployment?

    1. You should be able to claim since it’s an involuntary exit. Please consider applying for UI benefits until you find employment.

  73. I applied for unemployment for six weeks May 18 2020 I was told I made too much money now it is January 30, 2022 and just received a receipt from the from the state saying I got $1076 which I have never received you can never get through to the unemployment office it’s ridiculous but now I’m paying taxes on something that I have never received nor have I ever filed for unemployment except for those six weeks over two years ago

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