Amendment of 2012 Unemployment Compensation Law in Pennsylvania

Some minor changes have been made in 2012 to Pennsylvania’s Unemployment Compensation laws. Let us look into the different aspect of amendment done in UC laws that have bought alteration amongst both employers as well as employees.

Prior to the year 2012 as per the UC laws of Pennsylvania, claimants used to register for work and then they may continue to report to an unemployment bureau in order to be qualified for benefits. But now as per the recent amendment of Section 401 of Act 6 2011, “Qualification Required to Secure Compensation” it requires the claimant to make an active search for suitable job.

Requirements of active search of suitable jobs:

  • As an active claimant post your resume to Pennsylvania CareerLink’s database.
  • Register for jobs, seek out with Pennsylvania CareerLink within 30 days of the initial application for claiming unemployment compensation benefits.
  • Apply for the relevant job with appropriate wages by commuting distance of 45 minutes and considering the prior worked experience.

All these requirements are not applicable for the week where the claimant is undergoing approved training, while participating in re-employment programs or until the date by which an employer would have told the claimant that he/she would be recalled to work.

As a claimant you may also contact Department of Labor and Industry website for additional details over new active search requirement. Since all the cases differ, it is advised to consult with attorney who is knowledgeable in the field of unemployment compensation.

2 thoughts on “Amendment of 2012 Unemployment Compensation Law in Pennsylvania”

  1. My company has been sold. I have 26 weeks of severence=my full weekly salary. Should I apply for unemployment now or wait until my severence has expired. Please answer this question

    Thank you

  2. I was told I would be eligible for uc in April. Then when I applied I was told the rules had changed and your quarters had to equal your highest quarter. I seems like this rule was changed mid stream. My quarter are from 2013. When did this rule take affect???

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